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Women Hair Transplant


Hair transplantation is the good approach of the 90% bald men of India. Women may think that they will become the good candidate for the hair transplant. In reality, this is not the case. Because very few women have the problem of hair loss. Those women have this problem, mostly suffering from the diffuse hair loss. This specifies that women have over thinning all over the head. Females do not bald completely. But they have balding patching in the area of the partition.
Female hair transplantation involves taking hair follicles from the head where there is full permanent growth and transferring these to those areas where are no hairs.
Donor hair is usually taken from the back and sides of the head in women also. The follicular unit taken from the donor area and place it in the small incisions of the scalp.


Causes of hair loss in the women

  • FIRE ACCIDENTS: Those who suffer from the fire accidents, it is very difficult to recover the same hair growth again. We cannot leave those women bald. Then female hair transplant is the vital solution. After hair transplantation, they will get the hair but some extent. Not same hair growth will possible that was before the fire accident. But results can be achieved at the maximum extent.
  • Ineffective shampoos: There may be chances women have use the ineffective shampoos, bleaching, coloring that affects the hair growth.
  • Tension and anxiety: mostly anxiety and tension is responsible for the loss of the hair growth.
  • Consuming excessive calcium supplements: Women think that the reason behind the hair loss is the deficiency of calcium in the human body. But usage of excessive calcium will also harmful. Calcium supplements will be taken with the proper prescription of the hair transplant surgeon.
  • Hormonal imbalance: Hormonal imbalance caused by the pregnancy, menopause will be the cause of the hair loss.

Female hair transplant in India – who is the good candidate?

  • Women who are having distinct patterns of baldness like hairline recession, vertex thinning etc,
  • Women who are having hair loss due to mechanical or traction alopecia.
  • Women who are suffered from any trauma like burn victims, scarring etc.

Female hair transplant cost in India

The cost of the female hair transplant depends upon the complexity of the hair loss and the quality of the desired results. Most of the clinics of India provide you a quote online on the basis of details you provide in the web form and provide you the accurate estimate. But the final decision will lie on you.