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What signifies a good hair transplant surgeon?

A majority of the hair loss sufferers or bald patients desire to get a hair transplant since it seems to be the permanent solution for baldness. That is okay, but it’s vital to watch out for the increasing hair transplant centres that are threatening the sphere of hair transplantation in India.

In a story once published in the local newspaper, a patient suffered from aggressive hair fall and ran to a certain hair transplant centre for a solution. The surgeon’s solution was PRP therapy to stop hair fall, and regrow hair in the seemingly bald region.

Several months later, there was nothing like a change at a patient’s scalp, yet the treatment was enormously expensive. This is only one patient among the hundreds out there that complain about false hair transplant with no qualifications and experience for the services.

Possibly, the best hair loss treatment for the patient would be a hair transplant, but we highly doubt if the hair transplant would have attained the desired results for the patient.

This will help you confirm the surgeon’s expertise, experience, qualifications, among others before you undergo a hair transplant in Delhi.

The centre’s reputation

A good name is built over a period of time, and this applies to the accumulating hair transplant centres in India. First, ask yourself about the centre’s and the surgeon’s reputation before you settle for a hair transplant.

Make your own evaluation

Much as the surgeon is a doctor trained to perform his work as an expert, your naiveness may be utilized by a surgeon for his own gain. Try to inquire about what it takes to have a hair transplant from friends, who might have undergone a hair transplant in the past.

A surgeon’s gesture and attitude

We all love caring, patient, and listening doctors and these highly describe a surgeon’s character and nature. Don’t accept a surgeon who only desires you to listen to what he says, a consultation must be a discussion that will clear out questions and gain you trust from the surgeon. Don’t settle for brusqueness or nonsense speeches.

No pressurization

It is a character of false hair transplant surgeons who would do anything to have you undergo a hair transplant. They highly persuade patients for their various hair transplant solutions or treatments regardless of whether you are neutral.

Persuasive advertisements

Try to differentiate between false and realistic hair transplant discounts, packages and portfolios among others. Some hair transplant centres hire spokespersons with a convincing tongue only to attract more patients.

Other centres hire technicians to perform hair transplant surgeries due to lack of experience, artistry, and expertise from the intended surgeon.

Make your own survey

Apart from exploring the clinic’s portfolio of before and after, make it a point to inquire from the previous candidates. Try to ascertain their experience with the centre’s team. This will help you know what you are heading for?