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Hair Transplant


If you are suffering from the hair loss, Hair Transplant might be the best option to be adopted. According to the different surveys, it has been calculated that more than 40% of the population is suffering from the hair loss problem. More and more Delhi  population is looking for the solutions. In the last few decades, Hair transplant in Delhi  has become newest trend in the well-known celebrities. They are very much happy with this procedure.


Hair transplant is a method to move the hair from different parts of the body to the affected area of thinning and baldness. This is the permanent procedure that will drastically change your looks and appearance. Different people have varying degree of the hair loss, so hair procedure will be different according to the requirement.
Usually, donor area is the back of the head. Sometimes, donor hairs are taken from the other parts of the body but it produces poor results.

Hair transplant is the one-day surgery. The procedures of hair transplant have been implemented in the hair transplant clinic.



If you are more concerned about the hair thinning and receding hairlines, we provide you two types of surgeries that help you to restore your hairline and your confidence in your appearance.

1. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)
This method is commonly known as FUT
In this method, a strip of hair is removed from the back of the head and divided in two different individual hair grafts.
In the third step, the grafts are placed in the incisions that are made in the scalp.
Stitching procedure is used to close the wounds of the back of the head.
There is no need to shave the head. Just trim that area.

2. FUE (Follicular unit extraction)
In this technique, the whole head is needed to be shaved.
A special kind of the punch device is used to remove individual grafts of hairs one by one.
After that, these grafts are placed in the small incision which was made earlier in the scalp

Hair transplant cost in India:

The hair transplant cost in India may range between Rs 1 lac to 2 lac .There are numbers of factors have been considered to calculate the price of the procedure. The factors include numbers of hairs need to be moved, which type of the surgery is required for hair transplantation. The cost is also dependent upon the goodwill of the surgeon.