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FUT Hair Transplant


FUT is the acronym of the Follicular Unit Transplant. This is the one of two proven technique of the hair transplant. In this technique, there is the extraction of the grafts from the safe donor area via the strip of the skin. This graft harvesting technique assures you that you would permanently have the greater numbers of the grafts and there are no characteristics of falling out.

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Procedure of the FUT Hair Transplantation

1. Harvesting of the strip:

  • Firstly, surgeon extracts the strip of the skin from the safe donor area like back or sides of the scalp.
  • Back and sides portion of the scalp is commonly known as the safe zone. Because these areas have DHT resistant hair roots.
  • This technique also retains the characteristics of sustainability for the long period of time.
  • After placement of these grafts, they will remain in the head forever.

2. Dissection of follicular units:

  • After the removal of the strip. It is divided into the follicular units under the correct vision of microscope.
  • If there are proper magnification and experienced person, the damage rate will be reduced during the dissection of grafts.
  • In this, in an average around of 8000 hair follicles are harvested in one sitting.
  • Safe donor zone helps to reduce the damage rate.


Why Have An FUT hair restoration?

It is the general fact that every third man is adopting FUT hair transplant in UK at the age of 30. 40%of the people are losing hair at the age of 40. More than half of men show the signs of the baldness.9 out of 10 require the permanent hair transplant of baldness. This problem is rare in the women.10% of the women are facing some kind of the hair loss and thinning of the hair. Both sexes can take the benefit of the FUT hair restoration treatment.


Reasons of hair transplant:

1 Physical trauma: persons who are suffered from any kind of facial injury or scarring due to the road accidents, industrial accidents and chemical burns, can take the benefit of this technique.
2. Medical and surgical treatments: if there is the problem of hair removal due to any surgical treatments like the tumor, cancer. Then this FUT technology is suitable for them
3. Cosmetic reason: if the men feel that hair loss can reduce their self-esteem and also affects their career prospects. Hair transplantation is the permanent solution and hair would be last for long period of time.
4. Pattern loss: We operate those persons who have crossed the age of 25.if there is ant pattern hair loss, then this surgery is the best and the suitable answer for these kind of persons but their age should be more than 25 years old.


FUT hair transplant cost in UK

FUT Hair Transplant cost depends upon the numbers of factors like numbers of grafts to be placed, goodwill of the hair transplant surgeon etc. It is better to consult hair transplant specialist.