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FUE Procedure


FUE is considered to the best procedure that is used to cure the baldness permanently. There are other permanent and temporary restoration techniques has available, Follicular extraction method is the top priority. Follicular Hair extraction is the procedure in which hair follicles are removed from the back of the head and graft in the small incisions of the scalp.
Short term anesthetics helps to minimize the discomfort level of the patient when extracting and transplanting of the 4000 hair follicles are performed. There are no visible scars after the treatment. The patient doesn’t have to sufferer any form of swelling after the treatment. The donor hair looks like as part of the hairs of the scalp. This is the method that doctors can get more hair with every single grafting. There is not any use of scalpel or stitching. This is the outpatient treatment and patient can go home on the same day. There is not any deep wound in the scalp. This treatment ensures the natural hairlines. The recovery is fast and you would be flaunting with your gorgeous look of thick hair.

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1. Hair preparation: Hair preparation involves the following steps:

  • Firstly, donor area is prepared by washing and shaving that area from the side or back of the head. Normally, it is ear to ear.
  • Local anesthetic is used to reduce the discomfort level of the patient.
  • In this technique, electronic punch is used to extract the individual hair grafts.
  • An antiseptic dressing is applied in the end to the donor area and it is removed in the next day.

2. Hair extraction:

  • At this stage, grafts are extracted by using the 0.9mm electronic punch .
  • Grafts are divided in one, two or three hairs.
  • Hairs are prepared for the new hairline area.
  • This process usually takes one to three hours depending upon the number of the grafts to be extracted.

3. Hair Placement:

  • Before the commencement of the grafts, small slits are made to the scalp area.
  • Hair grafts are placed in the small openings in order to match the existing hair pattern, angle and desired density.
  • This process takes three to four hours.
  • The new hairline will be noticed immediately.

4. Aftercare plan:

  • This process involves information regarding the special shampoos that should be used after the hair transplantation
  • Hair examination will be after one month. This is done to check the progress of the hair growth.
  • After this, there will be high frequency laser treatment session to promote the hair growth.


FUE hair transplant cost in India

The cost of this treatment depends upon the number of grafts to be transplanted. The cost is  £4-£10 per graft.