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Forming a hair transplant centre, but it isn’t complete without a professional team. That includes an extremely experienced and trained surgeon plus a dedicated team like that at Satyam Hair Transplant India. Our patients have made us a proud hair transplant centre due to the trust they have towards us.

Begin a new Chapter From Satyam Hair Transplant

Surgical means of hair restoration began in 1897, but were less appreciated due to their invasiveness. Modern hair transplant protocols began in the 90s attracting a majority of bald patients to permanently restore their hair

With the years, these techniques have drastically evolved due to technological advancement. The traditional hair transplant technique (FUT) was thought to be very painful and above all invasive, but it is openly accepted today due to the changes that were introduced while performing the procedure.

The latter and the most advanced hair transplant technique remains FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) which is very convenient and believed to offer ultimately natural results.

Either way, our vastly trained surgeon (Dr. K.K Arora) can be considered for any type of hair transplant that a patient may desire to undergo. With global awareness of hair loss and baldness, our expert has met foreign hair transplant experts for research and studies about hair transplant.

To put his experience into practice, Satyam Hair Transplant India was established to help millions overcome baldness and also transform their appearance.

Start a new chapter in your life by getting the right hair transplant for the best hair results at our centre.

My Ultimate Endeavour is to enlighten the lives of my patients by all the knowledge i have from past 25 years. I want to achieve more space in the heart of people then their minds by doing successful hair transplantations and recorrection of bald areas. I thank Almithy to be blessed with such a skill, through which i can give lost confidence back to people.


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