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We are a leading hair transplant centre in the India offering advanced and world-class hair transplant procedures together with related treatments to surpass one’s expectations. We promise realistic results after a thorough examination and evaluation performed by our hair transplant expert “Dr. K.K Arora. His sphere of specialization includes procedures like FUE Hair Transplant, FUT Hair Transplant, Body Hair Transplant, Unique Beard hair transplant, Mustache hair transplant, and eyebrow hair transplant.

Alongside an extremely experienced team, our hair transplant treatment protocols are professionally performed with high integrity and designing mechanisms. Meet the hair transplant experts to eliminate baldness, or patchy hair loss permanently.

Services We Provide

FUE Hair Transplant

This is the most advanced hair transplant technique that utilizes micropunches for minimal scarring. Our expert utilizes his experience to provide natural and pleasing results through the FUE procedure.
The technique is stitchless with no visible scars on the scalp when performed by our expert. Currently, this is the best hair transplant technique for both males and females

Men Hair Transplant

Men are more confident about attaining hair transplants due to the fact of their majestic nature as compared to women. We provide quality hair transplant to males after evaluating his eligibility for hair transplantation.

We completely understand the fact that you desire no scars and with that, we deploy necessary measures to

Women Hair Transplant

Women are more confident about themselves in case of a fuller head and an excellent skin appearance. We are very specific and more concerned about a woman’s appearance after a hair transplant and that is why we conduct a serious evaluation before the procedure

Another fact about women hair transplant remains that their hair loss is quite

Our Doctor

Dr. K. K. Arora

MBBS,MS, M.Ch. Plastic Surgery (Russia) ( Hair Transplant, Plastic Surgery and General Surgery )

Dr. K.K Arora is a vastly trained and experienced hair transplant surgeon currently performing as both a hair transplant surgeon and a consultant
He holds an MBBS, MS (1991), M.Ch (2005) (Plastic Surgery) from Russia. He presently performs various surgeries such as hair transplant, plastic surgery, and general surgery.

Professionalism at every step

Hair transplant offers an ultimate solution to baldness once expertise and professionalism are considered at every step. Dr. K.K Arora is an enormously trained and experienced hair transplant surgeon who follows approved protocols during every hair transplant procedure.

You needn’t fear hair transplant with the main reasons of scar creation, pain and cost. There are various systems undertaken at our hair transplant centre to provide cost-effective and undetectable hair transplants

Modern technology provides quality instruments that are utilized during hair transplant to minimise the scars as much as possible during the FUE and FUT hair transplant procedures

Our surgeon performs scar revisions with the help of the advanced Trichophytic Closure technique

Consider Our Centre For Hair Transplant

With an organized hair transplant facility with quality hair transplant equipment and we completely provide an eco-environment for our patients
Technically, we have incorporated a variety of modern hair transplant practices at our hair transplant centre which we believe have a huge impact on the patient’s hair transplant results.
Our devised protocols and advanced systems eliminate any invasiveness of a particular hair transplant procedure, especially the Follicular Unit Transplantation procedure (FUT).>We operate on both males and females devising all possible measures of regrowing hair on the scalp or any other part of the body. One of our main goals is to provide undetectable hair transplant procedures. We also provide the hair transplant in Canada and hair transplant in Australia for those people who wants their baldness treatment in Canada and Australia.

100% Affordable Hair Transplant Procedures
You do not need to puzzle yourself over the hiking hair transplant cost around the world. Our Hair transplant centre provides the most affordable hair transplant procedures with excellent expertise. Emphasizing the rate of our FUE hair transplant cost in India since it is mostly preferred compared to the counterpart, you will completely attain a favorable price from us.



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